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Nicholas Plant From Genes to Genomes. Concepts and Applications of DNA Technology

The latest edition of this highly successful textbook introduces the key techniques and concepts involved in cloning genes and in studying their expression and variation. The new edition features: Increased coverage of whole-genome sequencing technologies and enhanced treatment of bioinformatics. Clear, two-colour diagrams throughout. A dedicated website including all figures. Noted for its outstanding balance between clarity of coverage and level of detail, this book provides an excellent introduction to the fast moving world of molecular genetics.

12672.36 РУБ



Erich Grotewold Plant Genes, Genomes and Genetics

Plant Genes, Genomes and Genetics provides a comprehensive treatment of all aspects of plant gene expression. Unique in explaining the subject from a plant perspective, it highlights the importance of key processes, many first discovered in plants, that impact how plants develop and interact with the environment. This text covers topics ranging from plant genome structure and the key control points in how genes are expressed, to the mechanisms by which proteins are generated and how their activities are controlled and altered by posttranslational modifications. Written by a highly respected team of specialists in plant biology with extensive experience in teaching at undergraduate and graduate level, this textbook will be invaluable for students and instructors alike. Plant Genes, Genomes and Genetics also includes: • specific examples that highlight when and how plants operate differently from other organisms; • special sections that provide in-depth discussions of particular issues; • end-of-chapter problems to help students recapitulate the main concepts; • rich, full-colour illustrations and diagrams clearly showing important processes in plant gene expression; • a companion website with PowerPoint slides, downloadable figures, and answers to the questions posed in the book. Aimed at upper level undergraduates and graduate students in plant biology, this text is equally suited for advanced agronomy and crop science students inclined to understand molecular aspects of organismal phenomena. It is also an invaluable starting point for professionals entering the field of plant biology.

6141.57 РУБ



Michael Chang Identifying Novel DNA Damage Response Genes Using Functional Genomics

DNA damage is a fairly common event and, if left unrepaired, can lead to genomic instability, a hallmark of cancer cells. My Ph.D. work, described in this thesis, has focused primarily on elucidating how cells combat DNA damage to maintain genomic integrity. To fully understand the DNA damage response, it is important that all the components required for this process be identified. To this end, I took functional genomic approaches using the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae to identify genes required for coping with DNA damage. Specifically, I conducted a screen to identify genes required for resistance to a DNA damaging agent, methyl methanesulfonate. Using genome-wide genetic interaction screens, I helped identify ELG1, deletion of which causes DNA replication defects, genomic instability, and an inability to properly recover from DNA damage during S phase. I also used two-dimensional hierarchical clustering of synthetic genetic interaction data determined by large-scale genetic network analysis to identify RMI1, which encodes a new member of the highly conserved Sgs1-Top3 complex that is an important suppressor of genomic instability.

6342 РУБ



Wang Yongjun Gene Discovery for Disease Models

This book provides readers with new paradigms on the mutation discovery in the post-genome era. The completion of human and other genome sequencing, along with other new technologies, such as mutation analysis and microarray, has dramatically accelerated the progress in positional cloning of genes from mutated models. In 2002, the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium stated that “The availability of an annotated mouse genome sequence now provides the most efficient tool yet in the gene hunters toolkit. One can move directly from genetic mapping to identification of candidate genes, and the experimental process is reduced to PCR amplification and sequencing of exons and other conserved elements in the candidate interval. With this streamlined protocol, it is anticipated that many decades-old mouse mutants will be understood precisely at the DNA level in the near future.” The implication of such a statement should be similar to the identification of mutated genes from human diseases and animal models, when genome sequencing is completed for them. More than five years have passed, but genes in many human diseases and animal models have not yet been identified. In some cases, the identification of the mutated genes has been a bottleneck, because the genetic mechanism holds the key to understand the basis of the diseases. However, an integrative strategy, which is a combination of genetic mapping, genome resources, bioinformatics tools, and high throughput technologies, has been developed and tested. The classic paradigm of positional cloning has evolved with completely new concepts of genomic cloning and protocols. This book describes new concepts of gene discovery in the post-genome era and the use of streamlined protocols to identify genes of interest. This book helps identify not only large insertions/deletions but also single nucleotide mutations or polymorphisms that regulate quantitative trait loci (QTL).

12117.25 РУБ



Visha Rathod Comparative Analysis for DNA Isolation from Jatropha curcas L.

Project Report from the year 2010 in the subject Biology - Micro- and Molecular Biology, Saurashtra University, course: B.Sc. (Biotechnology), language: English, abstract: Abstract: Jatropha curcas will be a vast source of biofuel and a key to reducing our dependence on fossil fuels. Various government agencies around the world have proposed production of biodiesel as a renewable alternative to fossil fuel. Jatropha curcas is frequently mentioned as the best option for producing biodiesel. Despite of having potential as an alternative fossil fuel, J. curcas is not being fully exploited. Hence, there is a need to identify high yielding clones of J. curcas for its further improvement. Molecular marker analysis in genome studies enhance the speed and efficiency of crop improvement, for that we need the protocols of DNA isolation; which is used to obtain high quality and quantity of DNA. Here the objective is to carry out comparative analysis of nine different DNA isolation protocols, from those only six methods were able to isolate DNA from such secondary metabolite producing plant, J. curcas. The most effective method of DNA isolation is modified CTAB method. The extracted DNA from the leaves of Jatropha curcas had 83% purity. The extracted DNA was found suitable for restriction digestion and for different DNA fingerprinting techniques like, RAPD; which helps for the further improvement of plant. The apparent decreasing availability of fossil fuels and the notable increase in g...

1689 РУБ



Eugene Madsen L. Environmental Microbiology. From Genomes to Biogeochemistry

New and expanded for its second edition, Environmental Microbiology: From Genomes to Biogeochemistry¸ Second Edition, is a timely update to a classic text filled with ideas, connections, and concepts that advance an in-depth understanding of this growing segment of microbiology. Core principles are highlighted with an emphasis on the logic of the science and new methods-driven discoveries. Numerous up-to-date examples and applications boxes provide tangible reinforcement of material covered. Study questions at the end of each chapter require students to utilize analytical and quantitative approaches, to define and defend arguments, and to apply microbiological paradigms to their personal interests. Essay assignments and related readings stimulate student inquiry and serve as focal points for teachers to launch classroom discussions. A companion website with downloadable artwork and answers to study questions is also available. Environmental Microbiology: From Genomes to Biogeochemistry, Second Edition, offers a coherent and comprehensive treatment of this dynamic, emerging field, building bridges between basic biology, evolution, genomics, ecology, biotechnology, climate change, and the environmental sciences.

9983.51 РУБ



B. Palani Kumaran and K.T. Parthiban Genetic Transformation In Forest Trees

A genetically modified organism (GMO) or genetically engineered organism (GEO) is an organism whose genetic material has been altered using genetic engineering techniques. These techniques, generally known as recombinant DNA technology, use DNA molecules from different sources, which are combined into one molecule to create a new set of genes. This DNA is then transferred into an organism, giving it modified or novel genes.

3212 РУБ



Jacqueline Broida Ancient DNA in Physical Anthropology

This work is a review of Ancient DNA's place and utility in the field of physical anthropology. The work begins with a discussion of the methods and techniques used in studying ancient DNA, concentrating on those techniques most relevant to anthropology.These steps trace the process from likely places to find ancient DNA to procuring the DNA, extracting it, and determining the DNA's authenticity. The next part of the work reviews the history of ancient DNA and the types of research questions that ancient DNA can help answer. The last part of the work utilizes the concepts and ideas from the first two sections to form two case studies on the use of ancient DNA. The first study examines the use of ancient DNA in studying the colonization of the Pacific and demonstrates the utility of a multi-disciplinary approach when using ancient DNA. The second case study looks at how ancient DNA has changed and broadened our understanding of the Neanderthals.

9477 РУБ



Alexander Kaplunovsky and Bolshoy Revealing Evolutionary Factors of Exon-Intron Structure in Genes

Length of introns varies from tens to tens of thousands nucleotides. The wide variety of lengths of introns and exons in genomes may be caused by evolutionary factors. To reveal these factors we applied a few techniques of factor analysis. The exon-intron structures of eukaryotes genes are quite different from each other, and studying of the evolution of such structures has no obvious attitude. Our choice was to perform statistical analysis of certain average characteristics of these structures. Comparing those chromosomal and genomic averages, we have selected an appropriate technique of clustering. This technique separates different species, grouping them according to eukaryotes taxonomy. The readers of the book need not have either advanced mathematical skills or deep knowledge of molecular biology. However, they must have a keen interest in evolution, bioinformatics or systematics.

3644 РУБ



Jose Dorta Dna-Rna Research for Health and Happiness

Simple clear and detailed descriptions of complex subjects like transcription, translation, protein synthesis, mutation, non-coding genes, exons, introns, DNA methylation, restriction enzymes and recombinant DNA.

2077 РУБ



Paola Ceroni Photochemistry and Photophysics. Concepts, Research, Applications

This textbook covers the spectrum from basic concepts of photochemistry and photophysics to selected examples of current applications and research. Clearly structured, the first part of the text discusses the formation, properties and reactivity of excited states of inorganic and organic molecules and supramolecular species, as well as experimental techniques. The second part focuses on the photochemical and photophysical processes in nature and artificial systems, using a wealth of examples taken from applications in nature, industry and current research fields, ranging from natural photosynthesis, to photomedicine, polymerizations, photoprotection of materials, holography, luminescence sensors, energy conversion, and storage and sustainability issues. Written by an excellent author team combining scientific experience with didactical writing skills, this is the definitive answer to the needs of students, lecturers and researchers alike going into this interdisciplinary and fast growing field.

6376.27 РУБ



T. A. Brown Gene Cloning and DNA Analysis. An Introduction

Known world-wide as the standard introductory text to this important and exciting area, the seventh edition of Gene Cloning and DNA Analysis addresses new and growing areas of research whilst retaining the philosophy of the previous editions. Assuming the reader has little prior knowledge of the subject, its importance, the principles of the techniques used and their applications are all carefully laid out, with over 250 clearly presented four-colour illustrations. In addition to a number of informative changes to the text throughout the book, the chapters on DNA sequencing and genome studies have been rewritten to reflect the continuing rapid developments in this area of DNA analysis: In depth description of the next generation sequencing methods and descriptions of their applications in studying genomes and transcriptomes New material on the use of ChiP-seq to locate protein-binding sites Extended coverage of the strategies used to assemble genome sequences Description of how the Neanderthal genome has been sequenced and what that sequence tells us about interbreeding between Neanderthals and Homo sapiens Gene Cloning and DNA Analysis remains an essential introductory text to a wide range of biological sciences students; including genetics and genomics, molecular biology, biochemistry, immunology and applied biology. It is also a perfect introductory text for any professional needing to learn the basics of the subject. All libraries in universities where medical, life and biological sciences are studied and taught should have copies available on their shelves.

14212.49 РУБ



Marcelo Sampaio de Alencar, Fabricio Braga Soare Carvalho, Waslon Terllizzie Araújo Lopes Spectrum Sensing Techniques and Applications

Spectrum sensing deals with several subjects, that range from statistical and probability theory to radio propagation and signal processing, with cognitive radio playing an important role to the evolution and dissemination of new applications in the area. The objective of this book is to connect the basic statistical formulation, the fundamental concepts from signal detection and spectrum sensing, cognitive radio and dynamic spectrum access, leading to an interesting, robust, and illustrative content, with recent practical applications of cognitive radio and spectrum sensing.

6602 РУБ



Ronald Pethig R. Dielectrophoresis. Theory, Methodology and Biological Applications

Comprehensive coverage of the basic theoretical concepts and applications of dielectrophoresis from a world-renowned expert. Features hot application topics including: Diagnostics, Cell-based Drug Discovery, Sensors for Biomedical Applications, Characterisation and Sorting of Stem Cells, Separation of Cancer Cells from Blood and Environmental Monitoring Focuses on those aspects of the theory and practice of dielectrophoresis concerned with characterizing and manipulating cells and other bioparticles such as bacteria, viruses, proteins and nucleic acids. Features the relevant chemical and biological concepts for those working in physics and engineering

10755.4 РУБ



Paul Hasegawa M. Plant Abiotic Stress

A fully revised review of the latest research in molecular basis of plant abiotic stress response and adaptation Abiotic stressors are non-living environmental stressors that can have a negative impact on a plants ability to grow and thrive in a given environment. Stressors can range from temperature stress (both extreme heat and extreme cold) water stress, aridity, salinity among others. This book explores the full gamut of plant abiotic stressors and plants molecular responses and adaptations to adverse environmental conditions. The new edition of Plant Abiotic Stress provides up-to-date coverage of the latest research advances in plant abiotic stress adaptation, with special emphasis on the associated and integrative aspects of physiology, signaling, and molecular-genetics. Since the last edition, major advances in whole genome analysis have revealed previously unknown linkages between genes, genomes, and phenotypes, and new biological and –omics approaches have elucidated previously unknown cellular mechanisms underlying stress tolerance. Chapters are organized by topic, but highlight processes that are integrative among diverse stress responses. As with the first edition, Plant Abiotic Stress will have broad appeal to scientists in fields of applied agriculture, ecology, plant sciences, and biology.

16359.78 РУБ



Robert A. Goodnow, Jr. A Handbook for DNA-Encoded Chemistry. Theory and Applications Exploring Chemical Space Drug Discovery

This book comprehensively describes the development and practice of DNA-encoded library synthesis technology. Together, the chapters detail an approach to drug discovery that offers an attractive addition to the portfolio of existing hit generation technologies such as high-throughput screening, structure-based drug discovery and fragment-based screening. The book: Provides a valuable guide for understanding and applying DNA-encoded combinatorial chemistry Helps chemists generate and screen novel chemical libraries of large size and quality Bridges interdisciplinary areas of DNA-encoded combinatorial chemistry – synthetic and analytical chemistry, molecular biology, informatics, and biochemistry Shows medicinal and pharmaceutical chemists how to efficiently broaden available “chemical space” for drug discovery Provides expert and up-to-date summary of reported literature for DNA-encoded and DNA-directed chemistry technology and methods

9910.62 РУБ



Ronald Breault W. Handbook of Chemical Looping Technology

This comprehensive and up-to-date handbook on this highly topical field, covering everything from new process concepts to commercial applications. Describing novel developments as well as established methods, the authors start with the evaluation of different oxygen carriers and subsequently illuminate various technological concepts for the energy conversion process. They then go on to discuss the potential for commercial applications in gaseous, coal, and fuel combustion processes in industry. The result is an invaluable source for every scientist in the field, from inorganic chemists in academia to chemical engineers in industry.

18532.27 РУБ



Shahid Ul-Islam Plant-Based Natural Products. Derivatives and Applications

Intense research has been started all around the world in the past few decades to exploit different agents from natural products as eco-friendly alternative to synthetic and toxic chemicals. Natural products and their derivatives have received increasing attention for their use in many everyday applications ranging from food, medicine, textiles, and healthcare.This new book presents significant research advances about the use of natural products, mainly plant colorants, bioactive compounds and other plant extracts in the textile coloration, food, bioremediation and environmental applications. There are total eight chapters contributed by leading researchers covering the topics such as potential resurgence of natural dyes in applied fields, natural colorants from indigoid plants, phytochemistry of dye yielding plants, irradiation as novel pretreatment methods, dyeing studies with henna plant, phytoremediation of arsenic, and synthesis of curcumin complexes for medicinal and other industrial uses.

14981.46 РУБ



C. Neal Stewart, Jr. Plant Biotechnology and Genetics. Principles, Techniques, Applications

Focused on basics and processes, this textbook teaches plant biology and agriculture applications with summary and discussion questions in each chapter. Updates each chapter to reflect advances / changes since the first edition, for example: new biotechnology tools and advances, genomics and systems biology, intellectual property issues on DNA and patents, discussion of synthetic biology tools Features autobiographical essays from eminent scientists, providing insight into plant biotechnology and careers Has a companion website with color images from the book and PowerPoint slides Links with authors own website that contains teaching slides and graphics for professors and students: plantsciences.utk.edu/pbg/

8834.79 РУБ



sera - Русский перевод – Словарь Linguee

Примеры перевода, содержащие „sera“ – Русско-английский словарь и ... Production Plant “Sera” in Rosdol, Polymineral Plant in Stebnik, Mining Plant ... чистых препаратов (ОЧП), петербургском НИИ вакцин и сывороток (НИИВС) [...].


Особенность воздействия состоит в том, что препарат уничтожает яйца и ... Аналог этого препарата - сера коллоидная, но в отличие от нее Тиовит ...

Препараты для рыб и рептилий | Зверюга.нет - Zveruga.net

Препараты для рыб и рептилий в интернет-магазине товаров для животных Зверюга.нет. Препараты для рыб и рептилий по доступным ценам.

Препараты для рыб и рептилий | Зверюга.нет

Sera Флоренетт. Препарат для комплексного удобрения, 50 таблеток. Sera Костапур. Препарат против ихтиофтириоза. 329р. Sera Бактопур Директ. Препарат против бактериальных инфекций, 8 таблеток. 422р. ... Дайана Препарат Plant Tabs, 100мл, таблетки для подкормки растений. 124р. Dajana Препарат Basic Ph.

Препарат sera plant care set plant set for luxuriant plant growth ...

препарат sera plant care set plant set for luxuriant plant growth набор препаратов для ухода за растениями в аквариуме купить по лучшей цене.

Sera pond Biogranulat 20 литров - amito.ru

Sera pond Biogranulat - оздоровительный корм (способствует сопротивляемости заболеваниям), подходит для всех прудовых рыб среднего и крупного размера от 6 см. Корм изготовлен в виде плавающих палочек, содержащих питательный вещества, витамины и минералы.

Удобрение Eheim Plant Care - 7- day long-term fertiliser, 500ml, цена ...

Удобрение Eheim Plant Care - 7- day long-term fertiliser, 500ml содержит большое ... Лекарственный препарат Sera Med Professional Flagellol 10 ml.


Sera - товары для аквариумов, террариумов и прудов.Не найдено: plantПрепараты для водыmir-aquariuma72.ru/oborudovanie/prochie-oborudovanie/preparaty.../results,151-155Сохраненная копияСеть специализированных магазинов по аквариумистики в городе Тюмени. Продажа аквариумных рыбок, аквариумов и аксессуаров к ним.

Наполнитель для фильтра Sera Biopur Forte 800 мл.

Напoлнитель Biоpur Fоrte от германской компании Sera - это классический биoмеханический напoлнитель для фильтрoв внутреннегo или внешнего типа. Данный напoлнитель представляет собoй белые круглые пористые валики которые могут быть использованы как в фильтрах со слабым, так и с сильным потоком воды.

Витамины для рыб Sera Fishtamin 15мл - купить, отзывы, описание ...

Витамины для рыб Sera Fishtamin 15мл - Эмульгированный мульти-витаминный препарат для ... Утяжелители для растений Aqua One Plant Weight 6шт.

Sera ECTOPUR: инструкция по применению, описание...

Медицинский препарат Sera ECTOPUR предназначен для использования в профилактических целях и для борьбы с эктопаразитами и грибковыми заболеваниями. Также благодаря составу из различных солей, которые содержат кислород, происходит заметное улучшение кислородного обмена. При применении Sera ECTOPUR с другими лекарственными препаратами эффективность их действий существенно возрастает.

Nicholas plant from genes to genomes concepts and applications of dna. Удобрение для растений Sera FLORE 4 PLANT, 250 мл, купить

Купить Удобрение для растений Sera FLORE 4 PLANT, 250 мл. ... рекомендуется использовать полный комплекс препаратов Sera "Системный подход".

Химические составы импортных удобрений для аквариума

Tropica PLANT NUTRITION+ - жидкое удобрение ярко-зелёного цвета. ... SERA Aqutan - кондиционер для водопроводной воды: Комплекс витаминов группы В - 0.08%, 1.2 ethyldiamine - 0.028% (этил диамин, 1,2-этилендиаминтетрауксусная кислота - хелатор EDTA, комплексует тяжелые металлы), ethyl alcohol - 0.12% (этиловый спирт), potassiun sorbate - 0.028% (калия собрат - это соль сорбиновой кислоты - консервант E202), sodium acetate - 0.08% (ацетат натрия: NaC 2H3O2.

Препарат sera plant care set plant set for luxuriant ... - playinstinct.ru

препарат sera plant care set plant set for luxuriant plant growth набор препаратов для ухода за растениями в аквариуме купить по лучшей цене. The plant ...

Удобрения фирмы Tetra, Sera | Любителям аквариума

Sera — система удобрения аквариумных растений, состоящая из Sera florena, Sera florenette A, Sera floreplus, Sera flore daydrops, представляет собой идеальную комбинацию удобрений для всех аквариумных растений — независимо от того, принимают ли они питательные вещества в основном через листья, или через корни, или, в равной степени, и через листву, и через корни. Sera флорена поглощается через листья и особенно способствует росту пышной, роскошной зеленой листвы.

Водоподготовка и лечение | Интернет-магазин АкваПитер

Препарат Sera bio nitrivec, 100мл ... Соль минеральная Sera mineral salt, 100мл ... Комплект препаратов Dennerle Perfect Plant System Set для ухода за ...

Sera Tremazol 25ml :: Лечебные препараты для рыб :: Для рыбок ...

... for using it in display aquariums and sales setups. Sera med Professional Protazol is very well tolerated by plants and invertebrates (e.g. snails and shrimps).

Лекарства для рыб Sera Nematol в Нижнем Новгороде - 501 товар ...

Препарат SERA BIO NITRIVEC Liqud Biofilter Medium Contents Purification .... Препарат SERA PLANT CARE SET plant Set for Luxuriant Plant Growth набор ...

SERA florenette A | Форум

Sera Omnipur – препарат широкого спектра действия против грибков, паразитов, бактерий. Быстрое лечение ран, избавление от плавниковой и жаберной гнили. ... Лекарство Omnipur 50мл широкого спектра, против распространенных заболеваний декоративных рыб (Sera). В наличии. 333.

Препарат SERA med Professional Argulol - цена - Sera Сера ...

Лекарство от ракообразных SERA med Professional Argulol 100 мл на 20 т Инструкция ... Этот новый препарат расширяет линейку высокоэффективных, ...

Товары для животных SERA в Азове - онлайн-каталог is-Animal

1 320 руб. Наб для ухода за раст-ми SERA Plant Care Set, CO2-Start,Florena 100мл ... Препарат SERA Микопур, лекарственный препарат для рыб, 100мл.

Коллоидная сера - Iplants.Ru

1 июн. 2015 г. - коллоидная сера Инсектофунгицид и акарофунгицид – препарат широкого спектра действия, выпускается в виде 70% пасты,70% ...

Удобрения для аквариума. Сравните цены и купите по низкой ...

Удобрение для подкормки корней TETRA Plant Сrypto-Dunger 30таб .... Препарат SERA PLANT CARE SET plant Set for Luxuriant Plant Growth набор ...

SERA Flore 1 carbo Дополнительный углерод для...

Сочетание базовых удобрений sera basic plant care с sera flore 1 carbo приводит к сильному здоровому росту растений и, соответственно, к естественной очистки аквариума от водорослей.Sera flore 1 carbo хорошо переносится всеми беспозвоночными. Инструкция PDF. Карта сайта Главная Контакты.

Удобрения фирмы Tetra, Sera | Любителям аквариума

3 нояб. 2014 г. - Препарат содержит железо и все важные микроэлементы в легко ... Tetra Plant Flora Pride Red. ... Удобрения для растений фирмы Sera.

Препарат Sera для борьбы с водорослями. Купить в Киеве

Средство для контроля простейших водорослей в пресноводном аквариуме. Заказывайте аквариумную химию в зоомагазине Рыжий Кот. ☎ (044) ...Не найдено: plantЛекарство SERA Ectopur, для профилактики стрессов и недостатка ...nautilus-studio.ru/magazin_aquariumov_juwel1.php#!/Лекарство-SERA...для...Бренд:Sera. Лекарство Sera Ectopur предназначено для профилактики и борьбы с грибком и ... средства при лечении рыб препаратами фирмы "SERA".

Лекарства от ихтиофтириоза (манки) для аквариумных рыбок ...

Aquael Leddy Smart Plant , . ... SERA костапур - лекарственный препарат против Ichthyophthirius («белые пятна») и других кожных паразитов таких, как ...

Препараты для аквариумов

Препараты для аквариумов ... Sera Algovec 0.050л препарат д/борьбы с водорослями, 1 шт. ..... Tetra Plant Crypto 10таб удобрение д/растений, 1 шт.

Sera Tremazol 100ml :: Лечебные препараты для рыб :: Для рыбок ...

... for using it in display aquariums and sales setups. Sera med Professional Protazol is very well tolerated by plants and invertebrates (e.g. snails and shrimps).

sera - Russian translation – Linguee

Many translated example sentences containing "sera" – Russian-English ... Production Plant “Sera” in Rosdol, Polymineral Plant in Stebnik, Mining Plant ... чистых препаратов (ОЧП), петербургском НИИ вакцин и сывороток (НИИВС) [...].

Препараты для аквариумов - Prirodaural.ru

В интернет-магазине PrirodaUral вы можете купить препараты для аквариума в ассортименте: ... Sera Florenette A удобрение для аквариумных растений, 24 таблетки .... Tetra Plant Crypto удобрение для растений, 10 таблеток.

Препарат sera plant care set plant set for luxuriant plant growth ...

Препарат SERA PLANT CARE SET plant Set for Luxuriant Plant Growth набор препаратов для ухода за растениями в аквариуме 1153.63 RUB Найти ...

ПРЕПАРАТЫ ДЛЯ ЛЕЧЕНИЯ РЫБ Аквариумный интернет ...

Препарат SERA COSTAPUR 50 мл против ихтиофтириоза и других кожных ... Препарат SERA BAKTOPUR 100 мл против бактериальных инфекций, ...

Купить Сера Удобрение для растений FLORE 4 PLANT (SERA) по ...

На нашем сайте вы можете купить Сера Удобрение для растений FLORE 4 PLANT (SERA) недорого c доставкой по России. Всегда в наличии большой ...

Удобрение для растений Sera FLORE 4 PLANT, 250 мл, купить

Купить Удобрение для растений Sera FLORE 4 PLANT, 250 мл. ... рекомендуется использовать полный комплекс препаратов Sera "Системный подход".

S7 VitaMix, 50мл, комплекс микроэлементов | Аквариумные ...

В системе внесения удобрений DENNERLE Perfect Plant препарат S7 VitaMix ... Также содержит: 0,14% Мг (магний), 0,41% S (сера), 0,08% В (бор), ...

Химия для аквариума Sera (Сера) купить по выгодной цене

Вы можете купить Препараты для аквариумов Sera (Сера) по оптимальным ценам в интернет-магазине зоотоваров PrirodaUral. Большой выбор, доставка по всей России. Скидки постоянным покупателям. ... 78913266877411890181953739492526694901862661894926949279561226623745112662826635880178662174314859052670295372949282661526690. Вы подыскиваете...

sera florе 4 plant 250 мл- на 1000-5000 литров - удобрение для ...

sera florе 4 plant 250 мл- на 1000-5000 литров - удобрение для растений, Удобрения для растений ... /является заменой препарата sera flore NPK drops/

Фунгицид «Тиовит Джет - Средства защиты растений | По уходу за ...

Действующее вещество препарата - высококачественная сера в виде гранул, которые диспергируются. В отличие от коллоидной серы Тиовит Джет ...

Отзывы о Жидкое удобрение для аквариумных растений...

Удобрение для аквариумных растений Dennerle Plant Elixir. Жидкое комплексное удобрение Bona Forte "Косметика для растений". Жидкое комплексное удобрение Русинхим "Веселая цветочница" Для всех комнатных растений.

CO2 система, Sera Plant Care Set | Форум

SERA FLORENETTE A вопросы. как то давно , лет 10 назад, пользовался я этим удобрением, впечатления были сугубо положительные. но вот недавно , жена из столицы привезла мне упаковочку по заказу. какие таблетки были раньше , я естесственно не помню, а эти новые какие то странные: рыхлые, если попытаться разломить , рассыпаются на мелкие кусочки, которые водой не смачиваются , а плавают по поверхности, неделю назад кое как поместил одну таблетку под.

Паутинный клещ на огурцах в теплице: как обнаружить, чем ...

... и преимущества применения химических препаратов Плант-Пин, Этиссо, ... Используется в данном случае коллоидная сера (80 г на ведро воды), ...


Препарат SERA ECTOPUR 130 г против против внешних паразитов и ... Препарат является смесью солей, которая дополняет медикаментозное ...

Sera toxivec : Sera токсивек - ИМ Арована, 066 000 0 769

27 мар. 2009 г. - ... с продажи! » Препарат Sera toxivec 20 ml, на 80 л. ... Препарат для быстрой очистки воды в аквариуме, Sera toxivec (токсивек) 20 ml, на 80 л. ... Лампа T5, Dennerle Trocal de Luxe Special Plant, 24 Вт, 43.8 см.

коллоидная сера - eLibrary

Препарат «Коллоидная сера» может быть применен для защиты всех видов ... Keywords: sulfur, technology, protection plant, agricultural wreckers, sulfuric ...

Препараты для воды в аквариуме, аквариумная химия недорого

Средства против роста водорослей, препараты для подготовки воды, запуска биофильтра, ... Удобрение для растений Sera FLORE 4 PLANT 50 мл.


... ЭФФЕКТИВНОСТИ ТРАДИЦИОННЫХ АНТИГРИБКОВЫХ ОРГАНИЧЕСКИХ ПРЕПАРАТОВ С МИКРО- И НАНОЧАСТИЦАМИ СЕРЫ. ... PhD, Department of plant pathology re-. searcher, ... Ключевые слова: фунгицид, сера, наноча-.

SERA бактопур директ - Pets and Plants › Animals › Fish and ...

25 февр. 2018 г. - Sera бактопур директ является лекарственным препаратом, используемым для лечения бактериальных заболеваний у пресноводных и ...

Лекарство для рыб Sera Protazol 100 ml - Akvasalon.by

Sera Protazol - кондиционер для аквариумной воды против внешних паразитов в пресноводных аквариумах. ... TETRA Plant PlantaMin 500ml на 2000л ...

Эксплуатационные элементы аквариума в Тюмени: купить ...

Sera Test pH pH-тест для определения pH-уровня 15мл. 445 р. В корзину ... Tetra Algo Stop deport препарат против водорослей 12 таблеток. 600 р.

Средства для воды Сера. Животные. Аквариумы, оборудование ...

29 авг. 2016 г. - Витаминный препарат FISHTAMIN - Витаминный препарат для рептилий REPTILIN ... Удобрение для растений FLORE 4 PLANT

Аккорд, м.с.

Действующее вещество: гидроксид меди, 150 г/л; сера, 300 г/л ... При внесении препарата на поверхности растений образуется защитный слой, ...

Sera Plant color T8, 15 Р’С‚, 45 СЃРј-Aquarium365.ru

( ) Лампа спектральная Sera Plant color T8, 15 Вт. Люминесцентная лампа Sera Plant Color T8 для улучшения роста растений и окраски рыб. Лампа с улучшенной цветовой гаммой для растений. Цветовая температура 4900К.

Химия SERA Аквариумная химия АКВАРИУМИСТИКА

Sera алговек (sera algovec) Наконец-то аквариум, свободный от водорослей Вопреки разнообразным предупредительным мерам при неблагоприятных... подробнее. 293 руб. шт. Кондиционер СЕРА BLACKWATER AQUATAN для воды с эффектом "черной" воды, 100мл. Sera Blackwater aquatan Кондиционер для создания тропической воды.

Сера коллоидная - фунгицид. Инструкция по применению.

Хранить препарат в сухом прохладном месте, отдельно от пищевых продуктов и лекарств, в местах, недоступных для детей и домашних животных. Температура хранения от -30 °C до +30 °C. Срок годности 2 года. Класс опасности – III Масса нетто – 40 г.

SERA Flore – для красивых и здоровых растений в аквариуме

Препарат SERA frorena как жидкая субстанция идеален для ... SERA flore 4 plant - полезен в аквариумах, где много зелени, но мало, или нет живности, ...

Препарат для рыб Sera Professional Protazol 25мл., - Акватема

Лекарственное средство против простейших | Дозировка: 1мл. на каждые 20 литров воды., Препарат для рыб Sera Professional Protazol 25мл., 2180, ...

Лампа Т8 SERA Plant color, 18 Вт, 60 см, для растений, купить в ...

Покупайте Лампа Т8 SERA Plant color, 18 Вт, 60 см, для растений - покупайте с ... SERA плант колор (SERA plant color)4900 Кельвин Красно-голубой свет для ... JBL Acclimol - Препарат для защиты рыб при акклиматизации и для ...

ТМ Sera - Купить с доставкой по Украине | Интернет-зоомагазин ...

Сostapur Препарат для борьба с вредными паразитами рыб (Сера) .... Plant Care Set Набор для ухода за аквариумными растениями (Сера) ...

Корма SERA - интернет-магазин аквариумов Opt-karp

Препарат с активными бактериями BioBooster 0,5 л. Купить. Главная. Корма для рыб и черепах. Корма SERA. Корма SERA. Сортировка: По умолчанию Название (А - Я) Название (Я - А) Цена (низкая > высокая) Цена (высокая > низкая) Рейтинг (начиная с высокого) Рейтинг (начиная с низкого) Модель (А - Я) Модель (Я - А). ... Sera Discus Granules 10 литров Дискус считается полноправным королем домашних аквариумов. Редкие.. 3500.00 руб.

Tetra Plant ― "Аква Товары" Аквариумный Интернет Магазин

Tetra plant.удобрение для аквариумных растений. ... Препарат равномерно распределяется в воде и проникает в растения через листья. Способствует ...

Живые бактерии Sera | Каталог

Корма Sera хлопьевидные. Корма Sera гранулированные. Корма Sera в таблетках. Корма Sera для золотых рыб. Корма Sera для раков и креветок. Корма Sera для мальков. Корма JBL основные. Корма JBL основные для цихлид.

Купить Ножницы SERA Flore Tool S Plant Scissors для растений ...

Ножницы SERA Flore Tool S Plant Scissors для растений 26см - купить в интернет-магазине Техпорт по доступной цене✓ Аксессуары, описание, фото и ...

Механизмы действия препарата Цель Т на патогенетические ...

6 апр. 2016 г. - Сера в составе препарата Цель Т также ингибирует синтез ЛТB4, .... of anti-inflammatory activity of some Swedish medicinal plants.

SERA BIOGRANULAT 10 л (гранулированный корм для...

В интернет-магазине "Природа Урал" вы можете купить Sera Algovec препарат для борьбы с водорослями 50мл недорого по цене 268р.. Также ознакомьтесь с другими предложениям бренда Sera. Доставка. Доставка товара осуществляется транспортными компаниями до пунктов выдачи в вашем городе, а также по указанному при заказе адресу курьером. Итоговая стоимость доставки отобразится при оформлении заказа после заполния формы с адресом. Отзывы.

Удобрения для растений в аквариуме различных фирм. - Форум ...

Препарат содержит железо и все важные микроэлементы в ... Tetra Plant Flora Pride Red Жидкое удобрение для красных аквариумных растений. ... Система удобрения аквариумных растений, состоящая из Sera ...

SERA Препарат д/растений Flora Plant,50 мл | goldfish64.ru ...

SERA Препарат д/растений Flora Plant,50 мл. 141 руб. Артикул:45707М. Добавить в корзину. SERA Препарат д/растений Flora Plant,50 мл.

Удобрение для растений SERA Flore 4 Plant 50мл - Бетховен

Результатом такого дефицита является плохой рост растений. Sera flore 4 плант был разработан для снабжения здоровых и бурно растущих водных ...

Препарат связывающий фосфаты в воде SERA phosvec - купить ...

Хотите ➤➤➤ купить Препарат связывающий фосфаты в воде SERA phosvec? ➥ Акция! ... Набор для ухода за растениями SERA Plant Care Set. 717грн.

Купить Препарат SERA PLANT CARE SET plant Set for Luxuriant ...

Препарат SERA PLANT CARE SET plant Set for Luxuriant Plant Growth набор препаратов для ухода за растениями в аквариуме - купить в ...

Лампа Сера PLANT COLOR T5 54 WT 120 см - aqualife

Лампа Сера PLANT COLOR T5 54 WT 120 см. 3 365р. Способствует фотосинтезу Подходит для пресноводных аквариумов В аквариумах с большим ...


3 сент. 2014 г. - sera florena - идеальный препарат по уходу за аквариумными ... рост растений. sera florе 4 plant был разработан для снабжения быстро ...

Sera bio nitrivec - препарат для быстрого запуска аквариума

Sera nitrivec - специальная смесь различных высококачественных очищающих бактерий для аквариумов. Sera нитривек предотвращает накопление аммония и нитритов. Применение Sera нитривек дает возможность поместить рыбок во вновь созданный аквариум уже спустя 24 часа после применения. Инструкция по применению: Sera нитривек является специальной смесью из всех очищающих бактерий, которые участвуют в расщеплении аммония и нитритов.

Поддерживающее профилактическое средство для рыб...

Sera ectopur поддерживающее профилактическое средство 100мл/130г. Sera ectopur является профилактическим средством против эктопаразитов и грибка в соленой и пресноводной среде аквариума. Стресс способствует развитию эктопаразитов и грибков у рыбок. Стресс может быть вызван: перенаселенностью аквариума; неправильно выбранным сообществом...

Мучнистая роса и препараты по борьбе с ней | Ликбезы

Бетоносмесители Denzel: крупный план, отзывы. ..... мутируют, их последующим поколениям уже не страшны сера и медь, а в результате теряется ...

Химия для аквариумов. Купить аквариумную химию, цены — «3 ...

Atman \ ViaAqua · SunSun · Resun · Philips · Aquatic Plants · Hai Lea · Jinlong · Jebo · Wahl .... Препарат для лечения аквариумных рыбок от простейших паразитов и ... Препарат Professional Кришталева вода, для очистки воды в аквариуме, 30мл ... Препараты Sera и JBL подготавливают воду перед запуском ...

Химия и препараты

высококонцентрированный бактериальный препарат, который способствует уничтожению основных источников загрязнения прудов и бассейнов: Подробнее. Цена: 4090.00 Руб. ... sera pond algenstop* - высокоэффективное средство для контроля роста плавающих и нитевидных водорослей в садовых прудах. Подробнее. Цена: 2860.00 Руб. купить >>. SERA pond bio crystal plus Понд био кристал плюс, 4 л 7687.

Набор средств по уходу за растениями Sera PLANT CARE SET ...

Набор средств растениями sera plant по уходу diffusion reactor sera за растениями co2 табс плюс Sera .... Регулярно используйте препарат Nutronferro, к.

Каталог | Приложение sera - The CD 2.0

Sera - товары для аквариумов, террариумов и прудов. ... sera Nature- натуральные корма для декоративных рыб без красителей и консервантов. 07.08.2018Подробнее. Календарь sera 2018. 13.12.2017Подробнее. Вход в. Торговый раздел. Приложение sera - The CD 2.0.

Препараты для поддержания аквариумной среды

Dennerle Perfect Plant A1 Daily в ассортименте. Dennerle ... Sera BLACKWATER AQUATAN ср-во д\воды в ассортименте. Sera Chlorvec ср-во д\воды ...

Препарат SERA Алговек хим препарат от сине зеленых...

1) Препарат SERA Алговек, хим.препарат от сине-зеленых водорослей, 50мл. Описание. Средство для борьбы со всеми видами водорослей в пресноводной среде аквариума. Применение: Необходимо добавлять непосредственно в водную среду аквариума из расчета: 5 мл на 20 литров воды. 2) Препарат SERA Алговек, хим.препарат от сине-зеленых водорослей, 100мл. Описание. Препарат Sera Алговек – это средство для контроля роста водорослей в пресноводных аквариумах.

Flourish™ 50 ml - Препараты для растений - Каталог товаров ...

Усвояемые фосфаты ( P2O5) 0.01%. Растворимое соединение калия 0.37%. Кальций (Ca) 0.14%. Магний (Mg) 0.11%. Сера (S) 0.2773%. Бор (B) 0.009%.

"Никавир" и "Гамма-плант" - Медицинские Диссертации

Оценка клинической эффективности препарата Гамма-плант у - 85 больных ...... receptors and antialbumin antibodies in sera of patients with liver diseases.

Комплект препаратов Dennerle "Perfect Plant System Set", для ...

Комплект препаратов для системного и профессионального ухода за аквариумными растениями Dennerle "Perfect Plant System Set" содержит:

Препарат Sera Aguatan 100ml - Магазин ЗООМАРКЕТ

Препарат Sera Aguatan 100ml. ... sera акуатан немедленно удаляет вредные вещества и превращает ... Удобрение EHEIM Plant Care, 50мл. 50.00 грн.

Joannis Scapulæ Lexicon Græco-Latinum, e probatis auctoribus ...

Theophr. hist. plant. lib. 2. c. 17. ... Ut, ipx-mv çmksci, арий Plutarch. de sera num. vind. Idem iu Erat. lr can?? .... 5. препарата-ц, (decomp.) exclamatio quœ ante ...

Sera ectopur - средство против грибков и эктопаразитов...

Sera Cyprinopur (сера купринопур) высокоэффективный препарат для обработки аквариумной и прудовой воды против вирусных инфекций, водянки, эритродерматита, криптокариоза и карповых вшей. Во время применения препарата фильтрацию отключают. ... Sera Cyprinopur производства Германии в зоомагазинах предлагают в 250 и 500 мл флаконах. 100 мл препарата содержат: фенол 1,88 г, дигидроксибензол 4,4 г, этанол 5,77 мг. Перед употреблением взбалтать!

Земляничный клещ на клубнике -как бороться | Дачные секреты от ...

... 60 г препаратами "Сера коллоидная", "Тиовит Джет" или другие фунгициды. ... Уничтожить земляничного клеща можно с помощью препарата "Карбафос" или .... Хитро выдуманный план российских властей в очередной раз ...

Купить Препарат SERA POND BIO BALANCE KH/pH Stabilizer для ...

sera pond bio balance - средство для стабилизации параметров воды в пруду. При ярком солнечном свете возрастает потребление минералов ...

Роль серы в повышении устойчивости растений и плодов яблони к ...

The results of studies show that increased sulphur level in plant tissues ... обработок применяли серосодержащий препарат Тиовит-Джет (сера, 800 г/кг).

Sera Flore 4 плант (sera flore 4 plant) 50 ml...

Химия SERA. Химия AZOO. Удобрения JBL. ... Препарат медленно и непрерывно выделяет питательные вещества, которые удовлетворяют потребности водных растений в более здоровом росте, и одновременно усиливает их окраску. Препарат действует в течение 2 - 3 месяцев; это зависит от вида растений и условий их роста. Инструкция по применению: Разместить одну палочку FERTI-STICK у самых корней растений из расчета: одна палочка на одно растение.

Препараты для аквариумов | Каталог

Sera Algovec 0.050л препарат д/борьбы с водорослями. 1 шт. 120 шт. 208 руб. Код товара: 39094. Алговек предназначен для борьбы со всеми видами водорослей в пресноводной среде аквариума. ... Tetra Plant PlantaMin 0.250л удобрение с железом. 1 шт. 24 шт. 373 руб. Код товара: 25788. TetraPlant PlantaMin - это интенсивное удобрение, которое применяется для развития красивых темно-зеленых водных растений.

Работаем с коллоидной серой Сера коллоидная - Виноград

Сера коллоидная – уникальный препарат, практически безвредный для человека, ... Дело в том, что препарат убивает вредителей и грибки парами. А парить ... БИЗНЕС-ПЛАН по разведению шиншилл от Племенного питомника ...

sera pond токсивек (sera pond toxivec)

24 янв. 2014 г. - Some soft leaved plants may react sensitively to the product. * One capful .... понасян препарат до пет пъти над нормалната доза. Пълния ...

Gabriel Magoma and Joel Bargul Concise Biochemistry for Medical Students

This book is an invaluable guide to undergraduate students in the fields of Biomedical Sciences, Biochemistry, Medicine, Pharmacy, as well as those pursuing advanced diploma courses in Clinical Medicine and Nursing. The book gives a concise introduction to Biochemistry by approaching the discipline from a preclinical perspective. The first two chapters deal with the nature and functions of bio-molecules. Chapter three introduces enzymes and their clinical applications, while chapter four deals with bioenergetics and the role of vitamins in metabolism. The fifth chapter highlights inborn errors of metabolism and organ functions, whereas chapter six is on the biochemical basis of drug action. Chapters seven and eight deal with recombinant DNA technology and bioinformatics, respectively, and applications in research. Relevant examples, questions and illustrations are given within each chapter to enable the learner have a firm grasp of the concepts.

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Allan Jamieson A Guide to Forensic DNA Profiling

The increasingly arcane world of DNA profiling demands that those needing to understand at least some of it must find a source of reliable and understandable information. Combining material from the successful Wiley Encyclopedia of Forensic Science with newly commissioned and updated material, the Editors have used their own extensive experience in criminal casework across the world to compile an informative guide that will provide knowledge and thought-provoking articles of interest to anyone involved or interested in the use of DNA in the forensic context. Following extensive introductory chapters covering forensic DNA profiling and forensic genetics, this comprehensive volume presents a substantial breadth of material covering: Fundamental material – including sources of DNA, validation, and accreditation Analysis and interpretation – including, extraction, quantification, amplification and interpretation of electropherograms (epgs) Evaluation – including mixtures, low template, and transfer Applications – databases, paternity and kinship, mitochondrial-DNA, wildlife DNA, single-nucleotide polymorphism, phenotyping and familial searching Court – report writing, discovery, cross examination, and current controversies With contributions from leading experts across the whole gamut of forensic science, this volume is intended to be authoritative but not authoritarian, informative but comprehensible, and comprehensive but concise. It will prove to be a valuable addition, and useful resource, for scientists, lawyers, teachers, criminologists, and judges.

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Rene Kratz Fester Biology Essentials For Dummies

Just the core concepts you need to score high in your biology course Biology Essentials For Dummies focuses on just the core concepts you need to succeed in an introductory biology course. From identifying the structures and functions of plants and animals to grasping the crucial discoveries in evolutionary, reproductive, and ecological biology, this easy-to-follow guide lets you skip the suffering and score high at exam time. Get down to basics – master the fundamentals, from understanding what biologists study to how living things are classified The chemistry of life – find out what you need to know about atoms, elements, molecules, compounds, acids, bases, and more Conquer and divide – discover the ins and outs of asexual and sexual reproduction, including cell division and DNA replication Jump into the gene pool – grasp how proteins make traits happen, and easily understand DNA transcription, RNA processing, translation, and gene regulation Open the book and find: An overview of cells and their substructures Elementary chemistry The key facts about reproduction and DNA The 411 on energy and organisms What you need to know about evolution Coverage of ecosystems and populations Ten great biology discoveries Learn: Core concepts taught in an introductory biology course The structures and functions of plants and animals The key discoveries in evolutionary, reproductive, and ecological biology

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Linacre Adrian Wildlife DNA Analysis. Applications in Forensic Science

DNA typing of non-human DNA is a fast developing area of research and professional practice. The application of DNA typing in wildlife forensic science is one of these prime uses of DNA typing and is gaining increasing profile. The use of DNA profiling in wildlife forensic science falls into two broad areas: species testing and genetic linkage. Species testing answers the question ‘what species is this?’ and genetic linkage answers the question ‘did these two samples come from the same organism or population?’ Wildlife DNA Analysis: Applications in Forensic Science provides an accessible introduction to both of these key areas. Clearly structured throughout, the introduction highlights the different types of crime where these techniques are regularly used. This chapter includes a discussion as to who performs forensic wildlife examinations, the standardisation and validation of methods, and the role of the expert witness in this type of alleged crime. This is followed by a detailed section on the science behind DNA typing including the problems in isolating DNA from trace material and subsequent genetic analysis are also covered. The book then undertakes a comprehensive review of species testing using DNA, including a step-by-step guide to sequence comparisons. A comparison of the different markers used in species testing highlights the criteria for a genetic marker. A full set of case histories illustrates the use of the different markers used. The book details the use of genetic markers to link two or more hairs/feather/leaves/needles to the same individual organism and the software used in population assignment. The problems and possibilities in isolating markers, along with the construction of allele databases are discussed in this chapter. The book concludes with evaluation and reporting of genetic evidence in wildlife forensic science illustrated by examples of witness statements. •An accessible introduction to this fast developing area of research within forensic science •Case studies throughout to link theory and practice and to highlight the use of DNA testing in species testing. •Covers both crimes against wildlife and offences where wildlife can provide vital evidence •Assumes only a basic background knowledge of DNA •Includes a comprehensive review of species testing using DNA, including a step-by-step guide to sequence comparisons

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Ismail Althagafi Click Chemistry and DNA Binders

This book provides an overview in recent progress in the field of synthesis and interactions of π-conjugated DNA binders through Click chemistry. The synbook of alkyne- and azide substituted oligoheteroaromatic compounds, were designed to be used as building blocks for Click reactions. The Pd-catalysed cross-coupling of azide-substituted building blocks to form oligoheteroaromatics is also described. The characterisation of the new π-conjugated molecules utilising Click chemistry between alkyne- and azide-substituted compounds leading to a series of structurally-varied di- and tricationic oligoheteroaromatic putative DNA binders. The DNA-binding studies for the di- and tricationic oligoheteroaromatic compounds using a variety of biophysical techniques to quantify DNA binding and elucidate binding modes. Finally, the overall conclusions of the study, including future studies and applications are presented.

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N. Balakrishnan Methods and Applications of Statistics in Clinical Trials, Volume 1. Concepts, Principles, Designs

A complete guide to the key statistical concepts essential for the design and construction of clinical trials As the newest major resource in the field of medical research, Methods and Applications of Statistics in Clinical Trials, Volume 1: Concepts, Principles, Trials, and Designs presents a timely and authoritative reviewof the central statistical concepts used to build clinical trials that obtain the best results. The referenceunveils modern approaches vital to understanding, creating, and evaluating data obtained throughoutthe various stages of clinical trial design and analysis. Accessible and comprehensive, the first volume in a two-part set includes newly-written articles as well as established literature from the Wiley Encyclopedia of Clinical Trials. Illustrating a variety of statistical concepts and principles such as longitudinal data, missing data, covariates, biased-coin randomization, repeated measurements, and simple randomization, the book also provides in-depth coverage of the various trial designs found within phase I-IV trials. Methods and Applications of Statistics in Clinical Trials, Volume 1: Concepts, Principles, Trials, and Designs also features: Detailed chapters on the type of trial designs, such as adaptive, crossover, group-randomized, multicenter, non-inferiority, non-randomized, open-labeled, preference, prevention, and superiority trials Over 100 contributions from leading academics, researchers, and practitioners An exploration of ongoing, cutting-edge clinical trials on early cancer and heart disease, mother-to-child human immunodeficiency virus transmission trials, and the AIDS Clinical Trials Group Methods and Applications of Statistics in Clinical Trials, Volume 1: Concepts, Principles, Trials, and Designs is an excellent reference for researchers, practitioners, and students in the fields of clinicaltrials, pharmaceutics, biostatistics, medical research design, biology, biomedicine, epidemiology,and public health.

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Henry Erlich PCR Technology. Principles and Applications for DNA Amplification

Книга "PCR Technology. Principles and Applications for DNA Amplification".

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Susan Mikkelsen R. Bioanalytical Chemistry

A timely, accessible survey of the multidisciplinary field of bioanalytical chemistry Provides an all in one approach for both beginners and experts, from a broad range of backgrounds, covering introductions, theory, advanced concepts and diverse applications for each method Each chapter progresses from basic concepts to applications involving real samples Includes three new chapters on Biomimetic Materials, Lab-on-Chip, and Analytical Methods Contains end-of-chapter problems and an appendix with selected answers

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Gil Alterovitz Automation in Proteomics and Genomics. An Engineering Case-Based Approach

In the last decade DNA sequencing costs have decreased over a magnitude, largely because of increasing throughput by incremental advances in tools, technologies and process improvements. Further cost reductions in this and in related proteomics technologies are expected as a result of the development of new high-throughput techniques and the computational machinery needed to analyze data generated. Automation in Proteomics & Genomics: An Engineering Case-Based Approach describes the automation technology currently in the areas of analysis, design, and integration, as well as providing basic biology concepts behind proteomics and genomics. The book also discusses the current technological limitations that can be viewed as an emerging market rather than a research bottleneck. Topics covered include: molecular biology fundamentals: from ‘blueprint’ (DNA) to ‘task list’ (RNA) to ‘molecular machine’ (protein); proteomics methods and technologies; modelling protein networks and interactions analysis via automation: DNA sequencing; microarrays and other parallelization technologies; protein characterization and identification; protein interaction and gene regulatory networks design via automation: DNA synthesis; RNA by design; building protein libraries; synthetic networks integration: multiple modalities; computational and experimental methods; trends in automation for genomics and proteomics new enabling technologies and future applications Automation in Proteomics & Genomics: An Engineering Case-Based Approach is an essential guide to the current capabilities and challenges of high-throughput analysis of genes and proteins for bioinformaticians, engineers, chemists, and biologists interested in developing a cross-discipline problem-solving based approach to systems biology.

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John A. Bryant Functional Biology of Plants

Functional Biology of Plants provides students and researchers with a clearly written, well structured whole plant physiology text. Early in the text, it provides essential information on molecular and cellular processes so that the reader can understand how they are integrated into the development and function of the plant at whole-plant level. Thus, this beautifully illustrated book, presents a modern, applied integration of whole plant and molecular approaches to the study of plants. It is divided into four parts: Part 1: Genes and Cells, looks at the origins of plants, cell structure, biochemical processes and genes and development. Part 2: The Functioning Plant, describes the structure and function of roots, stems, leaves, flowers and seed and fruit development. Part 3: Interactions and Adaptations, examines environmental and biotic stresses and how plants adapt and acclimatise to these conditions. Part 4: Future Directions, illustrates the great importance of plant research by looking at some well chosen, topical examples such as GM crops, biomass and bio-fuels, loss of plant biodiversity and the question of how to feed the planet. Throughout the book there are text boxes to illustrate particular aspects of how humans make use of plants, and a comprehensive glossary proves invaluable to those coming to the subject from other areas of life science.

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Elzain Abd Elmoniem Ahmed General Physics for Medical Students

This book covers a range of basic physics concepts and is useful as a supplement to an introductory physics course with medical applications. The book contains solved examples and many problems as an application to the students. The book presents the concepts of physics simply and covers the most important applications of physics to help medical students to understand and apply these concepts. We hope that we present a useful book for our students in a new form.

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Nesaratnam Alwar Optimization of DNA concentration in RAPD fingerprinting Phytophthora infestans

Bachelor Thesis from the year 2015 in the subject Biology - Genetics / Gene Technology, grade: 77.88, University of Mauritius (Faculty of Science), course: BSc(Hons) Biology, language: English, abstract: Phytophthora infestans is a pathogenic oomycete which causes the late blight disease affecting both potato and tomato plantations The Phytophthora infestans populations in Mauritius have not yet been genetically characterized to assess the possible strains present on the island. Random Amplified Polymorphic DNA (RAPD) is a low cost and simple genetic characterization tool that can be used to genetically characterize the different strains of Phytophthora infestans and lead towards a better management of the late blight disease. However, the RAPD fingerprinting is one which requires an extensive optimization in terms of the conditions and the adherence to a stringent protocol.The aim of this study was to design and apply a series of experiments to optimize the RAPD protocol through the use of a set of DNA template concentrations. In this study, genomic DNA was extracted from 2 P.infestans isolates originating from potato and 1 P.infestans isolate emanating from tomato. The genomic DNA obtained from each isolates was diluted to obtain a set of DNA concentrations which were used for the screening of 30 RAPD primers and for further testing to identify the best DNA template concentration. The clarity of the amplified DNA fragments obtained during electrophoresis was used to determi...

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Philip Bartlett N. Bioelectrochemistry. Fundamentals, Experimental Techniques and Applications

Bioelectrochemistry: Fundamentals, Experimental Techniques and Application, covers the fundamental aspects of the chemistry, physics and biology which underlie this subject area. It describes some of the different experimental techniques that can be used to study bioelectrochemical problems and it describes various applications of biolelectrochemisty including amperometric biosensors, immunoassays, electrochemistry of DNA, biofuel cells, whole cell biosensors, in vivo applications and bioelectrosynthesis. By bringing together these different aspects, this work provides a unique source of information in this area, approaching the subject from a cross-disciplinary viewpoint.

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Dominique Audenaert Plant Chemical Biology

Demonstrates how advances in plant chemical biology can translate to field applications With contributions from a team of leading researchers and pioneers in the field, this book explains how chemical biology is used as a tool to enhance our understanding of plant biology. Readers are introduced to a variety of chemical biology studies that have provided novel insights into plant physiology and plant cellular processes. Moreover, they will discover that chemical biology not only leads to a better understanding of the underlying mechanisms of plant biology, but also the development of practical applications. For example, the authors discuss small molecules that can be used to identify targets of herbicides and develop new herbicides and plant growth regulators. The book begins with a historical perspective on plant chemical biology. Next, the authors introduce the chemical biology toolbox needed to perform successful studies, with chapters covering: Sources of small molecules Identification of new chemical tools by high-throughput screening (HTS) Use of chemical biology to study plant physiology Use of chemical biology to study plant cellular processes Target identification Translation of plant chemical biology from the lab to the field Based on the latest findings and extensively referenced, the book explores available compound collections, principles of assay design, and the use of new research tools for the development of new applications. Plant Chemical Biology is recommended for students and professionals in all facets of plant biology, including molecular biology, physiology, biochemistry, agriculture, horticulture, and agronomy. All readers will discover new approaches that can lead to the development of a healthier and more plentiful global food supply.

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Heidi Fleischer Automation Solutions for Analytical Measurements. Concepts and Applications

The first book dedicated specifically to automated sample preparation and analytical measurements, this timely and systematic overview not only covers biological applications, but also environmental measuring technology, drug discovery, and quality assurance. Following a critical review of realized automation solutions in biological sciences, the book goes on to discuss special requirements for comparable systems for analytical applications, taking different concepts into consideration and with examples chosen to illustrate the scope and limitations of each technique.

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Thomas Schafer Automatische genetische Analytik

The relevance of genetic analysis and the need of its automation have rapidly increased during the last years not only in molecular biology and medicine but particularly in fields outside these classical areas of application. In forensic medicine and criminology, e.g., DNA analysis has become a routine method – and a similar development is just ongoing in fields like anthropology, paleontology, plant and animal breeding, and food production. This book provides a comprehensive and practical overview of the methods – from biological material and analytical processes to the analysis and processing of data – and provides insights into various important applications. Clearly written and nicely illustrated with color figures the book will serve as a useful source of information for a broad spectrum of (potential) users of DNA analysis.

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Edward Wolf L. Nanophysics and Nanotechnology. An Introduction to Modern Concepts in Nanoscience

Long awaited new edition of this highly successful textbook, provides once more a unique introduction to the concepts, techniques and applications of nanoscale systems by covering its entire spectrum up to recent findings on graphene.

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Antar Yahia M.M. Microstrip and Printed Antennas. New Trends, Techniques Applications

This book focuses on new techniques, analysis, applications and future trends of microstrip and printed antenna technologies, with particular emphasis to recent advances from the last decade Attention is given to fundamental concepts and techniques, their practical applications and the future scope of developments. Several topics, essayed as individual chapters include reconfigurable antenna, ultra-wideband (UWB) antenna, reflectarrays, antennas for RFID systems and also those for body area networks. Also included are antennas using metamaterials and defected ground structures (DGSs). Essential aspects including advanced design, analysis and optimization techniques based on the recent developments have also been addressed. Key Features: Addresses emerging hot topics of research and applications in microstrip and printed antennas Considers the fundamental concepts, techniques, applications and future scope of such technologies Discusses modern applications such as wireless base station to mobile handset, satellite earth station to airborne communication systems, radio frequency identification (RFID) to body area networks, etc. Contributions from highly regarded experts and pioneers from the US, Europe and Asia This book provides a reference for R&D researchers, professors, practicing engineers, and scientists working in these fields. Graduate students studying/working on related subjects will find this book as a comprehensive literature for understanding the present and future trends in microstrip and printed antennas.

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Robert Stark M. Finite Mathematics. Models and Applications

Features step-by-step examples based on actual data and connects fundamental mathematical modeling skills and decision making concepts to everyday applicability Featuring key linear programming, matrix, and probability concepts, Finite Mathematics: Models and Applications emphasizes cross-disciplinary applications that relate mathematics to everyday life. The book provides a unique combination of practical mathematical applications to illustrate the wide use of mathematics in fields ranging from business, economics, finance, management, operations research, and the life and social sciences. In order to emphasize the main concepts of each chapter, Finite Mathematics: Models and Applications features plentiful pedagogical elements throughout such as special exercises, end notes, hints, select solutions, biographies of key mathematicians, boxed key principles, a glossary of important terms and topics, and an overview of use of technology. The book encourages the modeling of linear programs and their solutions and uses common computer software programs such as LINDO. In addition to extensive chapters on probability and statistics, principles and applications of matrices are included as well as topics for enrichment such as the Monte Carlo method, game theory, kinship matrices, and dynamic programming. Supplemented with online instructional support materials, the book features coverage including: Algebra Skills Mathematics of Finance Matrix Algebra Geometric Solutions Simplex Methods Application Models Set and Probability Relationships Random Variables and Probability Distributions Markov Chains Mathematical Statistics Enrichment in Finite Mathematics An ideal textbook, Finite Mathematics: Models and Applications is intended for students in fields from entrepreneurial and economic to environmental and social science, including many in the arts and humanities.

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